Futurex General-Purpose Devices

Cost‐Effective & Compliant Ready Solutions for Your General Purpose Needs

  • Robust and dependable data encryption, validation, storage, and security
  • Implement compliant recordkeeping through powerful audit tracking methods
  • Host and client-neutral platforms for simple integration in enterprise environments

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Kryptos TLS Server

Provides general-purpose TLS encryption for transmission over TCP/IP of any data which can be transmitted over a socket connection.

  • Provides peace of mind
  • Eliminate your dependency on software-based encryption platforms
  • Communicate securely via TCP/IP
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Certificate Authority Server

Creates a root certificate which is used to sign other certificates, generate PKI key pairs, and sign firmware updates, code, and other items requiring a digital signature.

  • Secure, robust certificate creation and storage
  • Sign code, patches & updates, and individual devices
  • Track and export certificate revocations through built-in Certificate Revocation List
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A Portable, Touchscreen-Based Key Loading and Remote Configuration Device

  • Establish a lights-out data center for transaction processing
  • Securely and remotely load Master File Keys
  • Configure your entire transaction processing infrastructure from a single device

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SAS9000 Secure Attached Storage

Hardware-secured storage and access with full Enterprise Security Platform integration

  • Incorporate high volume data storage into existing core cryptographic infrastructure
  • Store databases of sensitive user data such as device serial numbers, medical records, or system access logs
  • Vertical and horizontal scalability for Big Data environments

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