Xceptional Support & Warranty Plans to Fit Your Needs

Created to Fit Your Needs Wherever You Are Located

  • 24x7x365 Xceptional Support
  • Access to Level 1-3 support
  • Firmware upgrades and product monitoring

We know that your Futurex Excrypt™ Hardware Security Modules and Key Management Servers are critical components for securing your sensitive data network 24/7. That's why our Xceptional Support and Warranty Plans provide firmware upgrades, product monitoring, Level 1-3 Xceptional Support, and loaner unit replacements when necessary, plus much more.

Whether you are a domestic or international customer, we have the warranty and support plans that will help deliver the Xceptional Support for your data encryption security solutions.

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Configuring, operating, and supporting a Hardware Security Module or Key Management Server should not be a full-time job for you and your team. Our Non-Business Critical Xceptional Support Plan lets our TR-39-certified technicians handle the difficult questions for you and gives you the resources and confidence you need to operate our devices while remaining completely worry-free.

Futurex Non-Business Critical Xceptional Support

  • Access to the latest firmware and application updates are provided free of charge, allowing you to regularly improve the functionality, stability, and security of your business critical transaction processing and data encryption infrastructure.
  • In addition to technical and troubleshooting inquiries, our Certified TR-39 Auditors (CTGA) are trained to provide solutions to questions regarding regulatory requirements, complex system integrations, and best practices surrounding all aspects of data security.
  • Our years of experience save organizations the time and money required to research and implement complex solutions.
  • Organizations regularly maintain years of flawless, uninterrupted service with guidance and scheduled maintenance assistance from the Futurex Xceptional Support Team.
  • Futurex does not limit the amount of support time provided to covered organizations.

To learn more about which one of these plans will best fit your needs, email or contact us at 1-800-251-5112.

No matter where you are in the world, our Business-Critical Xceptional Support Plan will ensure that the questions you have regarding your mission-critical applications are given the highest level of attention possible in the shortest amount of time.

Futurex Business Critical Xceptional Support

  • The Futurex Busines Critical Xceptional Support Plan includes all features provided in the Non-Business Critical Xceptional Support Plan on a 24-hour basis, including all weekends and holidays.
  • The plan also includes Futurex's Installation Support package at no additional charge.
  • Required firmware and application updates relating to industry mandates and/or regulatory changes will be made available to the customer at no additional charge.

To learn more about which one of our plans will best fit your needs, email or call us at 1-800-251-5112.

In order to provide additional assistance and knowledge to organizations or those who would like to ensure that their infrastructure is designed in the most effective manner possible, Futurex offers Installation Support that may be used within the first 90 days of purchase.

Installation support services are conducted by members of our Xceptional Support Team, which includes Certified TR-39 Auditors (CTGA) to ensure that complete attention to compliance-related questions is given during the installation of your mission-critical devices.

Installation Support Package Features:

  • One training webinar designed to give you and your team the tools and knowledge needed to successfully implement Futurex hardware into your organization's infrastructure.
  • The installation support includes two hours of technical support during the installation period. This support will be provided during Futurex business hours and business days within 90 days of receipt of unit(s).
  • Preferred pricing for on-site training.
  • Included free of charge with our Business-Critical Xceptional Support Plan

To learn more about which one of our plans will best fit your needs, email or call us at 1-800-251-5112.

Futurex's extended warranty coverage offers organizations the ability to protect their investment in technology and ensure that any hardware failures result in an absolute minimum of downtime. We understand that stability is a primary concern that organizations have for their mission-critical devices, which is why we offer a full replacement, repair, and loaner policy worldwide and year-round.

Futurex Extended Warranty Plan Features:

  • Rapid turnaround time from our in-house repair center at our Technology Campus
  • Detailed and comprehensive diagnosis of hardware issues
  • Product replacement and/or loaner for the duration of repairs

To learn more about which one of our plans will best fit your needs, email or call us at 1-800-251-5112.